This is a website to help share and celebrate all that you have achieved since your time as a Humphrey Fellow at the University of MN!  The upcoming 2018-19 academic year will be the 40th anniversary of the International Humphrey Fellowship, and we want to celebrate and share all of the accomplishments that Humphrey Fellows have had over the years.  Help us showcase all the wonderful things you've done by clicking the "Share My Story" tab, and let us know how the Humphrey Fellowship has impacted your career.  You can view the stories that other fellows have submitted under the "Stories" tab.
  • Rosana Schaack, Liberia, 2008 Fellow
  • 2017-18 HHH International Fellows
  • Deborah Cristina Vera-Cruz, Cape Verde, 2014 Fellow

Latest Stories

I started my Humphrey Fellowship with the Pre-academic English and Orientation course at the University Of California, Davis, California. There I got the wonderful opportunity to meet Tina Castillow, host family Vicki Labourdette, and 35 fellows from 27 countries of the world.

It was a great privilege to find out that I was selected to be a 2014/2015 Humphrey Fellow at the University of Minnesota, to be given the opportunity to upgrade and develop skills and knowledge in the field of Human Rights and the Rule of Law.

The Humphrey year made a remarkable change in my professional life. I quit my teaching career to give my full time to non-profit organization, USPEaK, which I believe in.

My Humphrey year was a great and a humbling experience for me as I was privileged to interact with high level personalities in the American society.

My Humphrey year taught me that working in silos and without embracing coordinated efforts, we cannot achieve much in development practice. I was enrolled in the Humphrey program at the time when donor funding was dwindling for managing NGOs.

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